Time To Make The Change

“Our world is dying”! You have heard it on the news, you have heard it from celebrities, politicians, and YouTubers; we have all been told we must make a change…

But how many of us know how to change, what to change, and what we can do as individuals that will truly make our world a better place?

In this short book, I am going to talk you through EXACTLY how you can change, and how your small change as an individual will make one of the largest impacts.

I will also talk you through the best practices on how you can save money, as well as how I have personally seen the world change, and how my project will make an impact.

I have made this book so anyone can implement some of the tips into their daily lives and habits, enabling us to make the world a better and cleaner environment.

James Carter is an artist, writer, and advocate for positive climate change. Creator of Carter Art, he is creating artworks that inspire change, as well as actively giving to help the environment.

"I believe in humanity, and that if we all pull together, not just rely on the big companies and countries to make a change, we can make the change for ourselves, for the environment, and for future generations".

As part of the project, I decided that I wanted to publish a book that would help to make an impact.

Seeing that my project is all about changing the environment for the better, I wanted to write a short book that will explain how individuals can make a change and play their part to help the environment, and the world, for generations to come.

I do not plan on just making the final display of the works, and then people forget about it. I want to make this a lasting impact, so I wrote this book to explain what individuals can do, and how they can save money too.

I compiled a list of things that anyone can do to help the environment, working out the best practices for implementing them into your daily habits. Some are a little more out there, but others are as simple, such as not buying a plastic bag.