Re-Imagining the Way we Can Use Art

Project Goal

To create a better world by using art to make an active change

The 5 Steps of Re-imagine Project

  1. Create Paintings

Create four oil paintings showing the ways in which we have changed the world for better and for worse.

2. Publish Book

Publish a book titled "Time To Make The Change" detailing the ways in which individuals can help the environment.

3. Sell NFT's

Digitise the original oil paintings as high resolution NFT's ready to be sold on Open Sea

4. Destroy Paintings

Destroy the original paintings with a tree chipper live in the town centre, donating the earnings to #teamtrees

5. Create New Artwork from Remains of Originals

Put remians of oil paintings into eposy resin and mount on a tree stump surrounded by dirt.

Overview of Re-Imagine

Shredding original oil paintings? Creating a whole new artwork with epoxy resin? Selling NFT's? Writing a book? Donating money to the charity Team Trees?

How does all of this link into anything of one similarity?

This... is my final year project for my college course.

In my final year project, I was set the brief of “Re-Imagining” our town.

I didn't just want to just create a page of something and hand it in across a desk for this project, no. Anyone who knows me, will know that I just have to create something with a little more zing to it; I needed to create something that would make a real impact... so I chose to Re-Imagine our town by focusing on the environment.

I decided the best way I could do this was to create a series of oil paintings, depicting the same landscape over a period of time to show how it’s changed, as well as two variations for the future, one filled with plastic waste and pollution, and the other, a clean environment using renewable energy.

At the end of this project, I destroyed all four original paintings live in Nelson Town Centre, which you can watch here.

They were put through a tree shredder, with the remains being put into epoxy resin to create a whole new artwork. This links in with "Re-Imagining" the town, and art by connecting traditional oil paintings, with contemporary ideas.

The original artworks are now being auctioned off on the OpenSea platform, with the profits being donated to the charity #teamtrees

Anyone can put in a bid for the NFT's here.

The Re-Imagine Project Auction ends on the 30th June 2022

You can read the overview of the Re-Imagine Project here.

'Time To Make The Change' has been mentioned on BBC Radio, as well as in numerous newspapers, and is part of the Re-Imagine Project

A project aimed at re-imagining the ways in which we can do things differently and truly make a large scale impact to change the world.

What is This Project For?

This project is for James Carters' final year of college art project is which he has published a book, done four oil paintings, shredded them up, sold them as NFTs, and put the remains into epoxy resin to create a new artwork, and then also donated the profits to #teamtrees

Who Created Re-Imagine Project?

James Carter is an artist, writer, and advocate for positive climate change. Creator of Carter Art, he is creating artworks that inspire change, as well as actively giving to help the environment.

"I believe in humanity, and that if we all pull together, not just rely on the big companies and countries to make a change, we can make the change for ourselves, for the environment, and for future generations".

What are The Re-imagine Paintings?

Each of the four oil paintings show a landscape through different periods of time, demonstrating how we have affected the environment. You can read all about the paintings here

How is Re-Imagine Project Helping the Environment?

Profits gained from the NFT sales of the original paintings are being donated to #teamtrees

As well as that, the book "Time To Make The Change" was published in par with the project to help individual people make a change to help the environment, and teach people they don't need to rely on big companies and countries to make a change. The book also teaches people how they can save money while saving the planet.

How were the Re-Imagine Paintings Destroyed?

Each painting was put though an industrial tree chipper, which produced little shreds and chips from the original oil paintings live in Nelson Town Centre.

What Happened to the Remains of the Re-Imagine Paintings?

After the paintings were destroyed through a tree chipper, all of the remains were put into epoxy resin which created an entirely new artwork. Which was then mounted on a tree stump to show the delicate balance of the natural world with man-made destruction.